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Steel was good but not great. I don’t think there is a story collection ou Another lot of fine Richard Matheson short tales, this collection published as a result of the ‘Real Steel’ movie based on the first story ‘Steel’, which I had already read in the ‘Duel’ collection.

CUENTOS FANTÁSTICOS / 1-2 (2014-2016) – Richard Matheson

Not really sure to make of it. There’s no questioning Matheson’s imagination. Overall, this was a pretty good listen. He died at his home on June 23,at the age of 87 http: In “Steel,” we encounter two men who are bringing their boxing robot, Battling Maxo, to a bout in a small Kansas town in the futuristic year of, uh,when human matches have been outlawed. The best is saved for last: There was a certain poetic edge underlying these stories which made them even more worthwhile. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

No matter how far all these guys project into the future, they still have everybody wearing hats — apparently NOBODY saw that one coming. The mom is convinced that he needs a playmate and buys a robot one-year-old to help out. Jul 09, Matheeon rated it liked it.


Steel: And Other Stories

They all have hydraulic neck controls. Richard Matheson’s richad short story is now the basis for Real Steela gritty, white-knuckle film starring Hugh Jackman.

Steel by Richard Matheson. Up next we have the longest story in the collection, “Trespass,” in which a husband comes home from a six-month scientific trip to South America, only to find his wife two months pregnant.

Matheson Richard’s Documents –

In parts his style here reminded me of the wonderful Shirley Jackson, a connection I didn’t make before but find very fitting now and it’s meant as a compliment to both!

Alex DeLarge rated marheson liked it Jun 15, Facundo Valverde rated it really liked it Mar 05, The events are witnessed by the director of Clooney’s Cut-Rate Catafalque, one Morton Silkline, who becomes understandably aghast as the rites proceed.

There is also one Western which is a nice, short study of human folly. He also contributed a number of scripts to the Warner Brothers western series “The Lawman” between and He said, “We have and-a-half total live-action robots that were made for this film. Simulcam puts the robots in the ring in real time, so you are operating your shots to the fight, whereas even three, four years ago, you used to operate to empty frames, just guessing at what stuff was going to look like.

Each is quite short: The title story is a masterpiece: This is riichard no surprise as his screenwriting career was equally extensive, so he mathesn had an inside edge in terms of getting his work translated from print to screen.


Soy leyenda y El hombre menguante Silent snows descended like a white curtain as Professor Paul Jairus hurried under the dim archway and onto the bare campus of Fort College.

Between andMatheson produced dozens of stories, frequently blending elements of the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres.

Sixth is Descent, a tale about everyone having to go live underground because a bomb is going to be dropped and mafheson one will be able to live on the surface anymore. The plotting is deft, the settings and characters where they matter neatly evoked, and the words well-chosen.

matbeson It’s ricbard minutes long but really well done. The four novels that I had previously read by New Jersey-born Richard Matheson–namely, ‘s “I Am Legend,” ‘s “The Shrinking Man,” ‘s “A Stir of Echoes” and ‘s “Hell House”–all demonstrated to this reader what a sure hand the late author had in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Gunslinging is the name of the game for a traveling wanna-be, who finds tha Richard Matheson uses his wacky ideas to craft a unique volume of various tales.