This is correct (when rounded) to 2 decimal places. Pythagorus. (c – BC). Theorem. (c. 8th century BCE) composed. Baudhayana Sulba Sutra., the best-. BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM It was ancient Indians been provided by both Baudhāyana and Āpastamba in the Sulba Sutras!. It was known in the Sulbasutra (for example, Sutra 52 of Baudhayana’s Sulbasutram) that the diagonal of a square is the side of another square with two times.

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Innovations made in Eastern countries were not well documented baudhayna even if they were they were not very well known.

This was the highest level of initiation and those seeking the knowledge of mysteries, divinity and transmigration of souls as well as philosophies and other world religions.

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It was ancient Indians mathematicians who discovered Pythagoras theorem. Lokesh Kumar October 23, We nee to have a Hindu organisation for Bringing the Knowledge of Vedas Back to life, otherwise it will just remain as stories of pride.

Dear Nair, Wish you all the best.

“Sulba Sutra” of Vedic India and Pythagorean Principle of Mathematics: | Bipin Shah –

baudhayaa Hecataeus of Miletus was another one who was captured by the Persian and much of what was known then was written by Herodotus. There is not a shadow baudyayana the doubt that the Greeks knew all about Indian Philosophy. The outer order or early first order of students lived in their own houses only coming to the institute during the day.


They easily dubbed Jainism and other sects as part of Buddhism or made no distinction among them through the textual reference. The Egyptians told him that he has to go through 40 days of fasting and certain way of breathing exercise before they can admit him.

The Indus valley Excavation shows similar understanding of the layout of the settlements and city construction.

baudnayana Babylonian mathematics Chinese mathematics Greek mathematics Islamic mathematics European mathematics. Unique fire-altar shapes were associated with unique gifts from the Gods. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Pythagoras taught that such a student was dead.

Shulba Sutras – Wikipedia

It was not full fledged writing system but the script. I am not tied with anything except facts claims and articles which I believe to be true. Kindly go through the other posts! These basic principles were also assumed to be employed in architectural designs of various kinds of monuments of the ancient world, whether it was a Ziggurats, Pyramids, Temples or Assembly Hall or residential building of Indus-saraswati valley.

Babylonian mathematics Chinese mathematics Greek mathematics Islamic mathematics European mathematics. Walter Eugene Clark David Pingree. When Achemenians conquers the Asia and Greece, they brought with them many Greeks of all types. Exploring Indian history takes you to many confusions and controversies.

They reviewed all their actions of the previous day and planned the coming day in full detail. What we were doing during all this time?

Moreover, the text has undergone alterations in the form of additions and explanations over a period of time. The Buddhism permits the eating of the meat. To promote our heritage and inform the masses of our rich history we need a strong hindutva govt.


You can also derive a reverse conclusion that how the great ancient bauehayana of learning at Nalanda, Baudhzyana and Vallabhipur was organized probably on the same model as institution of Pythagoras. Hindu texts Indian mathematics Pi Sutra literature.

They consisted of men who lived permanently with the order on the premises. Also it may be worth looking into if these rules have connection with the delay in pronouncing this theorem in his name nearly yrs in Greece itself, let alone elsewhere.

Max Muller have been highly paid by the English to re-write baudhayyana Vedas. Shantanu Shirpure May 23, Shah Natural Affinity with Mathematics: Thus the foreign historians could not find the correct starting of our chronology so they fixed everything before bc to nearly bc. I also feel that this theorem should be named as Baudhayana theroem at least in India. Baudhayaja an example, the statement of circling the square is given in Baudhayana as:. Martial arts like varma kalai born at India were the origin of other martial arts in the world.

He would not have undertaken baudhatana journey had the reputation of the Indian science had not been established before.

Square Roots in the Sulbasutra

Remember me on this computer. Sumerians was quite a mysterious civilizations. I still remember my Engineering school teacher in India while teaching Thermodynamic remembered the logarithmic table by heart while I was constantly shifting the Pages suta logarithmic table. I feel obliged and beyond that i feel proud of my rich cultured India.