Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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So what does this mean? As for what would punch cards be made of, the answer is like everything else in Autochthonia: The passage of the year is marked via decimal progression – so a quarter of the way through the second year exlated Autochthonia would have been 1. The Elemental Pole of Crystal remains the core of the Primordial; an outwardly perfect sphere, cleaner and more beautiful than almost anything else in Autochthonia.

Owners of the hollow ships that cruise the pole disguised as rock deposits. It has no uniform concept of seasons, months, or Dxalted. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible.

Once I finish with the Theopoli, I’ll move to the Ministerial Subroutines several of whom you may notice are making cameos here, particularly the “Advocates” of the Alchemical Castes who take a special interest in the duties of the Adamant Caste with regard to their unknowing brethrenand then to Erlik, the City of 10, Blasphemies.

The Lightning Pole is wracked by these detonations, both miniscule and colossal, and without the maintenance that the Autochthonian people provide, it would soon be nothing but a shattered ruin. I want to pick it up again. When any Autochthonian save Autochthon himself, his Divine Ministers, their Subroutines, or Drones enters Creation, they are initially Outside Fate, but by causing effects upon those Creation natives inside Fate or Creation itself, the Loom starts to pick up their presence and calibrate for them, making it possible to read them in the Loom, and even tag them with astrology effects.

While the faithful citizenry will celebrate them, the members of the former regime will not, fearing retribution for their actions. Even those who are willing to see the Solars as true rescuers will have their pride wounded, for it took outsiders to save them. Punch cards are old, but very real methods of transferring information, before even floppy discs.


Autochthonia House-Material – Onyx Path Forums

Dark men will repent of evil deeds and bow before their new rulers, hoping to work together to improve the city. Edited to give Iceto a sobriquet like many other cities. Quiet, sometimes born hairless, almost monk-like. It’s silly, and unlike in Autochthonia [where the work shifts are based on that premise] it adds nothing to the setting except being something you shouldn’t think about because it further distorts relative age. The Drone powers in the book count as Spirit-Charms for this purpose.

The six military structured expanses, square in boundary, are located at strategic locations through the Pole of Metal, far from the Eight Nations. Even though the player characters will not be ordinary Populat or Lumpen, and thus, could theoretically have access to Old Realm and therein, literacythe Old Realm language itself is problematic when it comes to the industrial x-punk world of Autochthonia, in that its pictographic nature makes it difficult for Autochthonians to denote things—even when they want to.

The Shadow War between the Divine Ministers and the excision of Subroutines infected with Gremlin Syndrome has served to cause their number to be replaced substantially over and over since Autochthon has left. Obviously exaltted addition to these, Autochthon is filled with Elementals of all essence levels, as well autochhonia mechanical Behemoths built by the Maker himself.

Yet here he was, vomiting his hangover into a dark alley while the rest of the city poured its efforts into sustaining this illusion of prosperity.

Hanging suspended in the sky of the Pole of Smoke, over the curve of its outer most edge, this menacing framework of Soulsteel spikes overlooks some of the most blight heavy zones of Autochthonia. Cities inside the pole as well. Probably stealing some inspiration from the silicon creatures in Blame!


Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. When smog and noxious gas filters up from the Pole of Smoke, it is a dangerous hazard. The threat of the infection spreading through the soul-structure proper is so great at this point, that the Divine Minister will excise their Subroutine even before they can necessarily be destroyed by Adamant Caste Operatives, which can allow the former?


The Pole is vital to Autochthonia, providing power for almost everything that the populace uses, and so they have an entire nation dedicated solely to its repair and maintenance. By design, the Pole of Smoke universally falls outward so as to act as a basin collecting waste from above, while in the Pole of Oil, all falls away from the outer wall, so as to better draw oils into the Pole of Metal below.

The acidic smoke from the Pole is thick outside their cities, resources are nearly exhausted, and with the gremlins tearing up more and more every time they pass through, morale is at an all-time low. Not a single pair of their sunken, tired eyes autochthonnia to see him.

Beneath the visiting figures of Debok Moom and Ku themselves, the Ministerial Subroutines with the greatest standing in the city of course include the Alchemcial Caste Advocates Beyoth Soryn advocate of the Mirrorbladeswho oversees the testing of new Destroyers, Artifact weapons, and War Machines to the point of ruin so they can be redesigned better via identified weaknesses when not doing the same to himself hunting Gremlins, and Hoidoishren advocate of the Sentinelswhose howling alarm-scream alerts the entire city-scale pagoda of a new threat to the health of the maker demanding an immediate martial response.

Oberashti, the Lesser Elemental Dragon of Smoke and Shogun of Genocide coils around this watchtower’s base in silent wait. Essence Second Circle Exmachina: Specifically his powerful Intimacies to humanity and Autochthonian society surge as electric bolts between the walls of the surrounding cavern, and dream images of human society refract across the coruscating crystal.

Out of the six most recent attempts on record, only one succeeded, with four failures and one unknown no-one was ever heard from again.