We have many brands such as Uteco, Windmöller and Hölscher, Comexi, Fischer and Krecke, and others in our database. Contact us today if you are looking for. Comexi FM used 6 colors;mm printing width; Possible test. Fischer and Krecke 10 DF/8 C.. 8 colours, mm printing width; In production · Comexi FM d’occasion 6 colors;mm printing width; Possible test. Fischer and Krecke 10 DF/8 C.. 8 colours, mm printing width; In production.

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The world of flexo printing is manifold: This press was put to work right away by printing over truckloads of paper as its first task, which it handled with ease.

Б/У флексографическая печать

This PCMC was installed in January ofless than a year after our first press, in order to keep up with our rapid growth. Our flexo end seal catalogue gives some inspiration. Like Maria, Sophia has been a dependable, hardworking press since the beginning.

coomexi Olivia is a gearless press with a smaller footprint and fewer parts. Angelina is a symbol of our continued, steady growth and our desire to provide high quality, cost-effective products to be used by millions of people all over the world.

How can we help you? This press was shipped on 19 semis to our facility.

Used 8 Colour Gearless Flexo Press: The application environment of narrow web label printing compared to wide web flexible packaging production or coating and converting fiischer differs considerably and comex do the demands on end seals.


Next, we decide on the most suitable production method depending on the material and job lot. Universal end seals are complex designs that are adjusted with highest precision fkscher the chamber geometry and can only be manufactured in a molding process. Looking for a specific manufacturer? The benefit therefore is: Used flexo presses with eight colours. Most of our used flexo presses are still in production so they can be given a full demonstration prior to a sale.

Choosing the right production method is crucial to achieving smooth sealing surfaces and a neat sealing shape. Six colour flexographic press. Click the number of colours that suits your requirements: Used Comexi Flexo Press: The right end seal solution promotes accurate doctoring results and leak tightness.

Capabilities – Presses that provide quick turnaround.

Taking advantage from coatSEAL best practice. In doing so, we do not necessarily need to start from scratch – there are a lot of coatSEAL solutions that have proven themselves already and are used at diverse printing shops around the world.

End seals fiscyer of the Longlife material show a remarkably long lifespan, especially in combination with water based inksand thus keep the chamber leak-proof for a long period. This press was installed in August and is primarily a film press.

Tending to be of an older generation, used stack flexo presses offer an economical way of entering the flexographic printing industry. If used for high speed printingthe contact zone with the anilox roller can be coated with a PTFE layer, which reduces friction, diminishes ink residues in the sealing area and extends the seal life time.


Used Fischer and Krecke Press: It enhances the anti-frictonal properties of the seal, which means less ink residues causing leakage.

Cl flexo printers

Used 6 colour flexographic ffischer. Thanks to their extremely high restoring force AIR80 seals withstand compression and distortion and thus qualifiy for mechanically demanding applications. This press was right there with us when we started in Name Phone Email How can we help you? Cutting-edge features like automatic drum cleaning and automatic impression setting means more runtime and less downtime. The latest technology, gearless flexo press.

The NW material is stiff synthetic foam that is often used when the set up fiscger the chamber doctor blade system requires a rather thin end seal. Like all of our presses, Angelina is capable of printing both paper and film, but we envision it will become more focused on printing paper as time goes on.

The AIR80 material is a special synthetic with strong chemical resistance. We supply used flexographic presses from around the globe.